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Labor and Social Security Law


Labor and Social Security Law

Ulusoy Law Office provides the services of fulfilling the requirements of Labor and Social Security Law legislation from the beginning to the end of the employment process by working in coordination with the human resources departments of its clients, training and consultancy for correcting incorrect practices, if any, resolving possible disputes without referring them to the court, tracking the disputes submitted to the court on behalf of the clients and representing the clients before the court.

Some of the services provided by Ulusoy Law Office in the field of Labor and Social Security Law:

  • Preparation of Employment Contracts According to Labor Law, Maritime Labor Law and Press Labor Law Regulations
  • Provision of training services related to the obligations arising from the Labor Law, Social  Insurance Law and Unemployment Insurance Law
  • Notifying Alternative Opinion in Termination Processes of the Employment Contract (such as Rightful or Valid Termination, Resignation, Agreement, Cancellation Contract, Normal and Early Retirement, Marriage/Military Termination)
  • Settlement or litigation of termination and dismissal of the contract
  • Providing consultancy and fulfillment of obligations regarding criminal and legal responsibilities related to occupational accidents and  diseases
  • Ensuring compliance of working  environments with applicable legislation, especially in terms of health and safety
  • Resolution of disputes related to trade union  activities
  • Preparation of draft collective  bargaining agreements and negotiation
  • Stopping Strikes
  • Compliance with Social Security Law legislation
  • Immigration Issues, Work and Residence Permits, Visas
  • Follow-up of Business Cases

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