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FAST AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTION YOUR CENTER We use the technologies in the legal sector effectively with our experienced team. Thanks to our sensitivity to understand the needs of our clients, we provide fast and effective solutions to disputes. OUR ACTIVITY AREAS IN DIFFERENT LEGAL AREAS Expert staff We are with you with expert staff in many branches of law, the right strategy and fast service policy. contact us

Ulusoy Law FIrm

With its expert staff in many branches of law, the right strategy and fast service policy, it serves in line with the needs and demands of the clients.

Expert staff

Attorneys, mediators, trademark and patent attorneys specialized in different legal fields, are with you with their expert consultants on technical issues.

SolutIon Center

Ulusoy Law Office has adopted the principle of providing effective solutions and providing service in a way that prevents conflicts from occurring.

Ulusoy Law in Brief

Ulusoy Law Office which is established by Özgen Ulusoy based in Istanbul, serves a wide network of clients with lawyers, mediators, trademarks and patent attorneys specialized in different legal fields, expert advisory staff working together on technical issues.

Our Expertise Areas

CommercIal and Company Law

Provides consultancy services to a large number of domestic and foreign companies on a regular basis from the establishment stage.

Intellectual and IndustrIal Law

It provides services to many local and foreign companies for the protection of trademarks, patents and copyrights.

Labor and SocIal Security Law

Fulfilling the requirements of the Labor and Social Security Law, and conducting the work on correcting the wrong practices, if any.

BankIng and FInance Law

To companies and financial institutions in different sectors in national and international platforms; project finance, restructuring

Consumer Law

Issues in the field of Consumer Protection Law, Law of Obligations, Commercial Code and related regulations

Real Estate Law

Services for local and foreign real estate owners and investors for the transfer of ownership and carrying out all necessary transactions.

Ulusoy Law

About Justice

  • As long as no one mystifies and violates it, the law covers us invisibly and inappropriately, like the air we breathe.
    Law is something that cannot be felt, like health, where we realize the value of time we lose. “
    Pierre Calamanderi
    Lawyers Author
  • Freedom and law are twin sisters. Freedom can only be realized in a firm order. Protecting freedom and rebuilding where it collapsed is the first duty of freedom lovers.

    Friedrich Ebert
  • Justice has three basic principles; Stability of property, transfer of property only by consensus and fulfillment of promises… If property is not stable, permanent war will occur. If the ownership is not transferred by agreement, there will be no trade. If promises are not kept then there will be no unity

    David Hume
    Filozof / Tarihçi