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Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law


Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Some of the services provided by Ulusoy Law Office in the field of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law;

  • All follow-up procedures for the collection of cheques, bills, current accounts, invoices or receivables from contracts
  • Proceedings to be initiated through bankruptcy and bankruptcy cases
  • Lawsuits, works and procedures for the application of concordatum provisions for the restoration of the financial status of real and legal persons whose economic situation deteriorates
  • Providing an agreement environment for the creditor and debtor
  • Protection of legal areas for debtor natural and legal persons
  • Negative declaratory action and claim and delivery regarding unfounded due claims
  • All independent lawsuits arising from Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law
  • Cases arising from the penal provisions of the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

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